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Project Proposal


  1. Throughout the year, the interns will gain a thorough understanding of what it means to be a dance teacher of levels from introductory dance classes to a Junior Company level. Specifically, each intern will be responsible for choreographing and planning the performance of a dance in a particular genre to teach to her respective class. For the project, the interns will need to research a specific style of dance, lyrical-jazz, so that they can choreograph and perform this style at the Student Learning Conference. Throughout the year, they will also accumulate the necessary skills to effectively produce and run a performance, which they will use when they direct the annual Student Choreography Showcase.
  2. By assisting in teaching and choreographing for dance classes throughout the year, each intern will be able to develop skills in choreography and gain a basic understanding of what is aesthetically pleasing for a group of dancers to perform on stage, as well as acquire individual ideas and inspirations to bring to the table for the group to use when they collaborate. They will also have the opportunity to observe Rebecca Clark, the Centennial Dance Prograph Director, while she teaches and choreographs.
  3. After undergoing their internships, the interns will be able to work together to choreograph a lyrical-jazz piece to be performed at the Howard County Student Learning Conference. They will also produce and direct the Student Choreography Showcase, an annual production where students in the dance program are given the opportunity to perform their own choreography.
  4. The Student Choreography Showcase and Student Learning Conference are both performances that, by entertaining an audience, will hopefully gain a following for high school dance programs, and encourage students to participate. The Student choreography Showcase is also an opportunity for students in lower level dance classes to perform their own choreography, an opportunity which is not typically granted to those of introductory levels.
  5. The audience of the performances will be the students and teachers attending the Student Learning Conference, as well as the Centennial High School community. Rather than portraying a direct message in the choreography, the interns are hoping that their performance at SLC will be inspirational to students in the program to support and possibly undergo an internship in high school dance programs. The Student Choreography Showcase is meant for the Centennial High School community consisting of peers, family, and friends of the performers, to see the talent that exists in Centennial and the importance of fostering this talent through the dance program. 
  6. The audience will be local, composed of members of the Howard County and Centennial High School Community.
  7. The message will be portrayed through the means of visual entertainment.  A carefully planned combination of various visual components including choreography, costumes, and lighting will contribute to the strength of the message.
  8. Resources will be required to obtain each of these visual elements: costuming catalogs for costumes, a tech crew for lighting and music, and various human and visual sources for choreographing and researching the genre.
  9. The only special costs that would arise would be costume costs and music copyright costs. Studio time for rehearsals must also be considered. The interns will also need to plan ahead transportation to and from the Student Learning Conference.


Tentative Timeline


January 15th, 2010                  Choose a song for the intern/mentor piece


January 2010                          Choreograph the intern piece to perform at both the Student Learning Conference and Student Choreography Showcase.


February 2010                        Auditions for Student Choreography Showcase


March 2010                            Audition the intern piece for Student Learning Conference


March 1st, 2010                       Tech Rehearsal of Act I of SCS 3-5 pm


March 2nd, 2010                      Tech Rehearsal of Act II of SCS 3-5 pm


March 3rd, 2010                      Dress Rehearsal of SCS 3-5 pm


March 4th, 2010                      Dress Rehearsal of SCS 3-5 pm


March 5th, 2010                      Student Choreography Showcase at 7pm


April 24th, 2010                      Student Learning Conference, interns perform

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.