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Mitchell Baker

Mentor: Dr. Karanian

Project: Correlating stent and vessel interaction

3 January 2011

Mentorship Self Evaluation

This quarter in particular I have focused on narrowing my research topic and developing a concise and detailed thesis.  I also have begun to condense all the research data collected from my summer internship and have made progress in developing a final synthesis paper.  Recently, I have regained contact with my mentor after a period of instability involving several professional issues and am scheduled to visit my work site at the FDA’s center for device and radiological health in the near future; I also qualified for Security Clearance with the FDA and have scheduled to pick up my I.D within the upcoming week.  Dr. Karanian has also expressed great interest in beginning a new study on OCT and scanning modality application within the Medical research and clinical practice community, an opportunity that could lead to new, unforeseen patterns in stent application through patient scans and other in-vivo imaging methods.  Overall, throughout this quarter I have continued to fulfill my project requirements and have worked thoroughly, at a level deserving of an A, with the goal to continue pursuing new research in the field of interventional cardiology, vascular kinematics, and OCT scanning modality application.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.