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Mitchell Baker

Mentor: Dr. Karanian

Project: Correlating stent and vessel interaction

17 March 2011

Mentorship Self Evaluation

                This quarter my project has continued to progress as I gather additional data needed to effectively compare the various imaging modalities used in the analysis of stents.  Continuing to analyze and inspect trends in imaging data, this quarter has resulted primarily in a greater degree of understanding, as well as the modification and development of my project thesis.  Recently, I was also accepted into the FDA’s Student Summer internship program, so I look forward to expanding my understanding of how the agency as a whole works to investigate and regulate the field of medicine.  I am scheduled to visit my mentor, Dr. Karanian, in the near future and plan on finalizing the remaining sections of research still needed.  Overall, throughout this quarter, I have fulfilled every requirement set forth by the mentorship program and have worked with diligence in striving to continue furthering my understanding of the many imaging technologies upon which modern medicine relies. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.