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Mitchell Baker

Independent Research


29 January 2010


This week, I focused primarily on preparing my Independent Research board and material to present.  I have drafted several data tables and information outlines for my project and plan to finalize them sometime next week.  I also have continued research on stents and recently saw a commercial by a law firm outlining the dangers of a specific pre-medicated stent, calling on consumers to report their use and pursue proper compensation.  I also finished my Independent Research application and emailed it to Mr. Ashcraft earlier this week.  I was planning on meeting with Dr. Karanian next wensday, but father has to work all day and will be unable to take me.  I still will be able to meet with him on the 12th, so continuing to research is a priority.  Overall, I had a productive week and cant wait to get back in the lab.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.