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Mitchell Baker

Independent Research


22 Febuary 2010


     This week i focused priomarily on preparing for my visit to DR. Karanians on Friday. I've been continuing to read research papers at home on drug eluting stents and new, experimental geometric configurations.  My visit to Dr. Karanian;s was abosolutely astonishing, as I had the oppurtunity to spend aproximentally 5 hours at the facility watching a stent implant take place first hand as I was standing at the surgical table.  I also witnessed the testing of several new devices including a "GPS" guided scalpel, through which liver biopsies and other precision incisions could be completed without collateral damage.  Although the procdedure was terminal, a great deal was learned, and although the stent implant was not successful based on unavailibility of the proper equitment, it was a theoretical proof of concept in which a stent may be placed inside a artery in which two adjacent arteries connect, after which a needle can be used to puncture the stent, allowing blood to flow through the the artery's adajent passages. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.