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Mitchell Baker

Independent Research


30 April 2010


     During the past few weeks, I have continued to work on completing my presentation materials and final paper.  Doing fairly well at the IR/Mentorship Conference, I have continually added to my knowldge base of stents and other non-invasive cardiac treatments.  I also now have a final, edited copy of my powerpoint and hope to present it to a group of researchers at my Mentor's work site within the next few weeks.  I haev contacted Dr. Karanian asking what he would prefer me to do in terms of finishing my paper or evaluation first.  I also have looked into the possibility of continuing to "Intern" at the facility and continue my research on stents with Dr. Karanian.  In the past few weeks, i have continually read and reviewed new artcle, and have completed some annotations.  I will have to continue reviewing articles in my current library of research, and finalize all my annotations, whihc should be updated within the next two weeks or so.  Overall, I will continue to finalize my research within the coming weeks and focus on the development of a mentorship with Dr. Karanian. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.