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Mitchell Baker

Independent Research


13 September 2009



This week in Independent research, we learned about all the sources we can use to find information for our projects.  I also got a new library card, considering the lost my old one, and borrowed some new books to read.  I looked at the research sources the library has to offer and now realize that they will be immensely helpful when I am completing more in-depth research in the future.  I also have had a change of mind about what I want to focus my project on.  Upon reading an article in my popular science magazine on organ regeneration as a result of stem cell injection, I remembered all the other research I had read in the past on the topic.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this project topic first as I remember following the research being completed in the field quite thoroughly last year.  I also took a look on the NIH (National Institute of Health) home page and found a link regarding summer internships.  I am going to talk to Mr. Ashcraft next week about possibly contacting the program director and seeing if I can apply while I am still 15 (even though the minimum is 16).  If I can apply this school year, then I could possibly find an advisor through there and spend the year catching up on the present level of research, so if and when I do get in, I can immediately get into the swing of things.  Once again, the topic of organ regeneration and stem cells is now what I want to focus on, I can’t wait to get an advisor and start learning about what’s going on presently in the field.  As a side note, coming from what Mr. Ashcraft continues to emphasize, “Frustration is good, but anxiety is bad”.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.