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Mitchell Baker

Independent Research


27 September 2009


                This week in independent Research, I’ve worked primarily on finalizing my email for Dr. Melton.  I need to find the right balance of information about myself and the question I have.  Me and my dad have been reviewing it, so It should be ready to be sent by next Wednesday.  Mr. Ashcraft also informed me of a genetics conference by Sam Rhine that is going to take place at CCBC on upcoming and developing ideas in the field.  I checked out the website, and found the program outline, which has an entire section devoted to organ regeneration.  Mr. Ashcraft said the conference could count as a cool field trip and that I should ask other teachers and students if they would be interested in going.  I also found an updated article on some of Dr. Melton’s research, which indicates the discovery of the primary progenitor cells responsible for the development of the heart.  I now hope to center my project around that as the possibilities for the development of a treatment for congenital heart dieses are immense.  Next week I plan on sending the email to Dr. Melton and researching more on what is transpiring in the field of organ regeneration. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.