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Mitchell Baker

Mr.  Ashcraft


Independent Research


Journal 6


            This past week I have continued research on my project and have found a new source in the form of a project being completed by DARPA on the regeneration of limbs for amputee’s coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  I found information on one of the program directors and plan on emailing him this week.  Last week I also emailed Dr. Elisseeff at johns Hopkins regarding her biogel research and hope to here a response sometime later this week.  I also found an article regarding gene decryption in salamanders and other organ regenerating animals, as a way to identify certain gene patterns that could be applicable to humans.  I also found another article regarding gene modeling and the production of structures for organ growth in in-vitro environments.  Next week, I plan on emailing the scientist for the darpa project and further researching my project on organ regeneration and stem cell development. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.