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Mitchell Baker

Independent Research


17 October 2009

Journal 7

            This is week in IR, which I only had 3 classes of due to the PSATs and having off Friday, went by extremely fast. This week I emailed a scientist named Dr. Louder at NIH after Mr. Ashcraft told me he was a very reliable source for information, with hopes he might have known someone dealing with stem cell research.  He provided me with a very informative link to a page on the NIH website with information regarding current research.  This week I also pre-registered for the Sam Rhine conference and will have to remember to fill out a pre-arranged absentee form for October 28th.  I also searched organ regeneration and progenitor cells on the Gale database and found 8 research papers dealing with cardiac function and growth; I plan on analyzing the papers further in depth over the weekend and next week.  I also now have approximately 12 sources and need to start annotating some of the newer papers I have found.  My father has also been talking with friends at NIH in hopes of finding someone dealing with stem cell research.  Overall, things as of now of going smoothly, but I still need to secure a mentor and finish my annotated bibliography.  


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.