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Gifted and Talented Intern-Mentor Program


Student Project Proposal Format



            Working under the professional guidance of the mentor, each student in the Intern/Mentor Program must design and complete a project with outcomes that address the proven needs of an authentic audience. The student project proposal must be typed and submitted to the program coordinator for approval no later than January 2009.  This written proposal must discuss the following:



Part I


            • What specific area(s) within the field will be investigated, researched and/or studied?


Cardiovascular stents will be the primary focus of this study, with additional research being completed towards genetics and specific trends present in cardiovascular health.  Anatomy will also be studied due to this project’s involvement in actual dissection and implantation of experimental stents in animal test subjects.


            • How will knowledge or ability in the field be acquired, developed, and demonstrated through the year?


 Knowledge will be acquired through research, collaboration with my mentor, and additional experience in the workplace.  This knowledge will be displayed throughout the year in the form of journals, annotated bibliographies, and my final paper


            • What will be the product(s) and/or outcome(s) of the internship?


The product of this study will be a greater understanding of cardiovascular function and anatomy along with knowledge of advanced cardiovascular treatments and the prevention of restenosis (re-narrowing of arteries). 


            • What proven need will be addressed?  What real problem will be solved?  What question will be researched?


The goal for this project is to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of both current and experimental cardiovascular stents and their ability to prevent re-narrowing of arteries, an essential step in assuring the health of human patients.


            • What is the intended audience for the project?  Who, other than the                        student, will learn or benefit as a result of the work?  To whom will the outcomes be        communicated? For whom is the product or result intended? 


The intended audience for this project will be those of the medical community on a global scale.  Through this research, more innovative ways to assure the structural integrity of aortal passages have the possibility to be discovered.  People with heart conditions and other cardiovascular aliments will benefit from this project, as it will provide them with more effective treatments for their conditions. 


            • Will the audience be local, state or national?   Note:  The mentor, the student, and the program coordinator should not be the only audience.


The audience for this project will be global, with doctors and patients around the world being able to possibly benefit. 


            • How will the product and outcomes be communicated to or performed for the selected audience?  What will be the outlet vehicle? 


 The results of this project will be communicated through my mentor and my final project paper.


            • What resources will be required for the project? (human, print, organizations, media)


The resources required for this project will primarily be human, organizational, and economical.  With these, I would gain the ability to conduct research with my mentor in testing experimental stents and their ability to restore cardiac function.


            • What are the special considerations of the project? (cost, materials, equipment,       transportation, special permission, printing/distribution)


As of now, no special considerations are required for this project, but in the future it is possible that some could arise. 


Part II


            • What is the tentative schedule and timeline for completing the project?  What major goals will be accomplished during each marking period?


I plan to begin research by late February, and have computable results soon thereafter.  Major goals for this project include being able to sit in or an actual surgery involving the implantation of a stent for testing in an animal. 


            Note:  While writing the project proposal, consult the Intern/Mentor Program Calendar of                                    Events for important dates:

                       Senior projects must be completed and evaluated no later than May 1.

                       Junior projects must be completed and evaluated no later than the last day of classes (before the final exams).



Please sign and attach this document to the typed Project Proposal. Thank you.




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