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Mitchell Baker

Mr. Aschraft

Mentor: John Karanian


Project Proposal


            The project titled “Comparative analysis of stent design and vessel tissue performance through the novel application of OCT imaging and kinematic analysis” will investigate the field of interventional therapeutics and cardiovascular health, with a focus in scanning modality application and protocol development.  The information gained from this project will be demonstrated through synthesis paper and summer internship with the FDA’s Center for device and radiological health.  Resulting in a newfound understanding of Optical coherence Tomography (OCT) and its application within the research and development of stent devices, this project will hopefully contribute to the current basis of knowledge regarding procedural development for OCT application.  In today’s field of research, OCT technology represents a leap in development, but continues to be misunderstood.  Through the analysis of OCT scans in relation to current scanning modalities, this problem may be overcome, assisting in the widespread adoption of OCT technology as the next generation of non-invasive imaging.  Targeting the medical field and those currently developing stent devices, this project will also affect the millions who suffer from vascular-related ailments.  Communicating the outcomes of this study to my Mentor and if applicable, CDRH, this project holds promise in opening research to a far more advanced and precise generation of scanning technology.  The audience for this project could possibly be held on a national level, given its results.  The product of this project will be communicated via my mentor and through a research paper summarizing its findings. In terms of resources providing for this, the use of the FDA and the technicians available through my Mentors Laboratory will serve primarily.  Although this project does require consistent visitations to my mentor’s worksite on a regular basis, it does not require any other special resources or considerations.  This Project began over the summer prior to my Junior Year (2010) and resulted in the accumulation of 165 hours.  During that period I was able to accomplish the majority of my research and other project related work.  During the first marking period, my primary goals consist of scheduling my Project for the year, outlining assignments, and clarifying information with my Mentor.  For the Second Quarter, I plan to finish a rough draft of my synthesis paper and other research related articles. During third and fourth quarter, I plan to finish my final synthesis paper, begin preparation for SLC, and begin development of a research plan for the summer.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.