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Mitchell Baker

Mr. Ashcraft

Mentorship, Period 4                                                                                              

3 January 2011

Summary Reflection: Quarter 3

                Throughout the past quarter, my project has progressed steadily, helping with the development of my thesis and basic understanding.   Shifting to an emphasis on the comparative analysis of various scanning modalities currently being employed in the field of medicine, my project has continued to evolve atop its fundamental basis in the understanding and analysis of current scanning technology.  IN my last visit to my mentor, I was able to clearly define my project goals and what needs to be done in order to effectively conclude my work.  I have continued to improve my knowledge of the various facets involved in the analysis of imaging devices, including clarity, detail, focus, and the ability to count stent struts (example).  OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology in particular remains a core interest in the completion of my current project, especially with its enhanced ability to image in-vivo with immense clarity and detail.  As my project continues to develop, the need to understand the reasons for the success and failure of each scanning modality remains crucial in providing feedback on the ability of various technologies to appropriately capture images.  In terms of analyzing future prospects for my project, the important aspect remains to be the understanding and analysis of the technologies which allow current imaging devices to excel in the clarity and detail with which they provide in scans.  Also, as more information can be compiled and correlated involving the success of imaging devices, a greater understanding of each devices various pros/cons could possibly be reached, assisting in providing doctors with the most useful and applicable tool when completing research and treating patients. Overall, so far this year, my project has continued to grow and evolve as my understanding and perception of medical imaging has changed.  I plan to finalize my research within the next few weeks and would like to continue my involvement within the field of medical research, especially with that currently being completed through the Food and Drug Administration.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.