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Mitchell Baker

Mentor: Dr. Karanian

Project: Correlating stent and vessel interaction

10 May 2011            


Mentorship Self Evaluation

            This quarter my project has finally come to a close with the completion of my final paper and work in the lab, Over the course of the quarter I have continued to gather research regarding the clinical characteristics of CT and micro-CT scanning modalities.  Continuing to analyze images depicting the clarity and quality of each modality, I have been able to come to several conclusions regarding the operational capabilities of each device. In addition, I have also spent a great deal of time developing my ability to understand and manipulate images using the imaging suite Osirix, with which I have gathered a great deal of insight involving the capabilities of modern imaging programs in their ability to isolate and quantify various imaging aspects. Overall, with my project coming to a close, I have also completed also the necessary requirements mandated by the Mentorship program.  I hope to continue research next year in a different field of medicine, in which I hope to experience the clinical aspect of internal medicine and treatment.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.