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Mitchell Baker

Mr. Ashcraft

Mentorship, Period 4                                                                                              

10 May 2011

Summary Reflection: Quarter 4


            Throughout the final quarter, my project has come to a successful close, developing several papers and dealing me a great amount of knowledge in the process.  Focusing on the clinical characteristics of CT and micro-CT scanning modalities, throughout the quarter I have analyzed and interpreted images for varying characteristics including clarity, quality, and steent fracture visibility.  In addition, I have also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in the manipulation of DICOM CTA images via Osirix, a medical imaging suite used in the quantification and interpretation of images.  In the last few visits to my mentor, I continued to search through the lab database for examples of varying stent fractures, assisting in my research regarding the abilities of varying medical scanning modalities to discern stent fractures and highlight their individual characteristics. Overall, my project this year resulted in a great success, giving me immense opportunities to experience research first hand while furthering my own knowledge of stent related research in the process.  

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.