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Title: Comparative analysis of stent design and vessel tissue performance through the novel application of OCT imaging and kinematic analysis

Student: Mitchell Baker

School: Glenelg

Mitchell Baker is a junior at Glenelg High School.  He is currently an intern at the FDA’s Center for device and radiological health under the direction of Dr. John Karanian.  He plans to continue his project throughout his senior year and eventually continue studying Interventional therapeutics in college, where he hopes to receive a degree in bioengineering. 



Interventional Medicine: How do doctors see inside of you?

Mitchell Baker

Glenelg High School


According to recent statistics, approximately 1 million people every year receive stent implantations. Now, what if doctors couldn’t see what they were doing while they operated?  Current imaging modalities in today’s research field have long inhibited physicians and researchers alike from accurately assessing the condition of a patient’s internal vasculature.  With the development of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) though, this issue may now become part of our past. Come and discover all there is too know about medical imaging today, and the things modern researchers are doing to change it. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.