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Purpose: To create possible references within the field and further student’s body of knowledge

To: Dr. Ziv J. Haskal at the Univeristy of Maryland


Dr. Haskal,

      I am a junior at Glenelg High School in Howard County Maryland and am part of the Intern/Mentorship Program, where students have the opportunity to work with specific mentors in an area of study in which they hold interest.  I am currently mentoring through the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological health (CDRH) and have been working specifically on stent research.  I have recently become interested in the application of OCT and Micro-CT scanning modalities in order to better understand the specific mechanical/biological interactions that occur within a stented vessel environment.  I recently found an article in which you discussed a nationwide study on the effectiveness of stents over traditional balloon angioplasty. I was wondering if you had any advice regarding radiological applications within the field of stent research and if you would be able to any way point me in the right direction. 



Mitchell Baker


Here is Dr. Haskal's answer:


Happy to try to discuss with you, by phone or in person. 410 328 3631. Sorry about the delay in answering.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.