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10 January 2011

1:30-5:30pm   4 hours

Accumulated Hours: 85


   Today Anne had a patient that has Spina Bifida, a disease one is born with that gradually gets worse as they age. The patient is almost complelty bed ridden and seems to tired to stay awake for more than a couple of hours. He has been in a wheelchair his entire life and has immense weakness and disfiguration in his arms and hands. He has also been having internal problems and recieves dialisis for kidney failure three times a week. Anne believes him coming to therapy is more of a social and "get out of the house" event as, sad as it is, she believes what she is doing him is not helping anything. She gives him band exercises for the arm and holds the band out at different positions and angles and also puts him on the arm bike for about 7min however he is showing minimal improvement. Tracy started out in a spinal cord injury facility before moving on to becoming a CHT so I would like to ask her next time I see her about Spina Bifida and its effects and reason for originating.

   Nathan, Anne's patient from River Hill High School with an arm injury came in for his last appointment today. He said swimming does not cause him pain unless done for long periods of time and his arm has loosened up since his last visit. With his home program of exercises Nathan will no longer need to come in to the office as long as he steadily improves at home.

   Every patient is discharged with a home program in hopes that they can perform exercises learned in the office at home on their own time. A website or addition to my idea of a forum for former patients with home programs and exercises may be an interesting addition. It may be more convenient for both patient and therapist to have the patient receive treatement online as after demonstration patients tend to go about their programs on their own anyway.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.