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15 March 2011

1:30-4:30pm   3 hours

Accumulated Hours: 145


Patient 1: A man who broke his elbow twenty years ago and had surgery that was not successful and left the bones unconnected. In February the pain arose as the two bones slid off and disconnected from one another. Dr. Innis put two large screws into the bones to attatch them and took a bone graph from the patients knee to place in the elbow where bone was removed when broken twenty years ago. The patient experienced pain when the two bones slid apart and pinched the nerve within the arm. Anne has the patient go through stretching and strengthening exercises now that he has been in therapy for about a month. He used ice on his wrist and elbow after his therapy session to calm down the pain inflicted during exercising.

Patient 2: Mr. Sheridan's (engineering teacher at Glenelg) wife came in after shattering the bone in her wrist falling with a binder in her hand around Christmas. At her previous session Nicole gave the patient a splint the bent the wrist slightly and applied gel sheets to the scars to reduce swelling. The patient reported slight pain and discomfort when wearing the splint at first as the hand gets used to its new position in stretching. For now Nicole used heat, ultra-sound, and gentle stretching by hand on the patient as deep therapy is too much at such an early stage.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.