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16 November 2010

2:30-5:00pm   2.5 hours

Accumulated Hours: 45


When I arrived at therapy today Nicole was building a splint for a man that needed his wrist completley stabalized. She added extra material to the bottom of the splint so that it would not bend and could provide no movement whatsoever. she also applied a padded strap that fit across the fingers as the splint needed to hold down and strengthen the fingers/tendons in his hand.

Again I observed the patient who broke/shattered her middle finger and had a second surgery to remove screws and loosen the tendon from scar tissue. She seems to have much difficulty straightening the finger however is slowly improving. It is no longer necessary to dress the wound from surgery with extra padding and sanitary cloth as the wound has begun to heal and no longer leaks fluid and blood. At home the patient runs her finger under warm water as a way to heat and loosen up the finger while remaining sanitized. The heating has helped her pain, swelling, and even allowed her to straighten the finger more on her own.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.