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1 July 2010

8:30-11:30am   3 hours

Accumulated Hours: 6

Therapists Terri and Matt
Torn ACL patient received surgery then a specific procedure for physical therapy. Six days after surgery aim to improve and regain mobilization done through slow, NOT, strenuous stretching and bending knee gently. Procedure calls for no strengthening until about 3-4 weeks later however patient was encouraged to walk and put weight on leg, along with stretching exercises about four days later. With surgery procedure calls for only slow regain of mobilization which is a slow process and builds up eventually to exercises that build strength.
Shoulder pain due to sports was probably tendonitis in the shoulder thrown out in baseball. Therapist aims to prescribe exercises below injury first to get rid of pain and then work towards upper shoulder lifting above head and isolating the specific area to increase strength. In sport injuries, aim to work towards exercises that mimic sport activity.  
Traction is a machine that spreads the spinal cord for back or neck to let either realign correcting and eliminate pain.
Patient with hip pain turned out to be lower back swelling and disfiguration of spine causing pan in hips as he walked sideways because the back could not support itself. This was treated with lots of massaging, stretching, and strengthening exercises followed by tractoin around the waste in order to pull the lower spine.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.