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20 October 2010

1:30-4:30pm   3 hours

Accumulated Hours: 24


Today I met a patient with a condition in the tissue in the palm where the tissue contracts, pulling the fingers inward. He had surgery to scrape away and loosen up the tissue within this area. This is a very common condition, especially in males. After the surgery he was placed in a splint at night that holds the fingers in an upright position. Because of this, the flexor tendon has become stiff, making it difficult for the patient to pull his fingers into a fist. Therapy consists of stretching the finger in order to loosen up the tendon after surgery and stiff fingers/tendons. Mostly, therapy requires massaging and loosening up the scar tissue within the palm. This is done by massaging with the fingertips, using a golf ball to roll around the hand, and making a fist while grabbing/grasping hand fulls of rice.
the patient who cut his middle and ring finger off with a band saw came in today. As an occupational therapist, Ann’s main goal is to work towards allowing the man to return to work as a pilot. Every session they work on loosening up the scar tissue within the middle finger and throughout the palm through massaging with a vibrator tool. Also, the patient lost motion of pulling fingers into a fist position as the surgery stiffened the joint. In the cockpit at work, the patient needs to work on grabbing and controlling different emergency machines along with steering. Therapy works towards motion and strengthening in order to allow these motions to be carried out and completed at his occupation.
Ann had another patient who shattered the bone in his arm and dislocated his wrist after getting caught between a bridge and a boat. The first surgery he received, a 6inch plate with eight pins were put in along the inside of his arm to hold the bone together and allow recovery. Because he is not fully developed yet, this plate began to bow, causing the need for a second surgery to place pins within his wrist and hold the plate in place. With this injury rehabilitation needs to help with mobilization, stretching through strengthening exercises, stem, and stretches. Some exercises with this injury included rolling a ball against a wall to stretch the wrist, and doing arm strengthening exercises on a table to build up muscle.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.