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2 November 2010

1:30-4:30pm   3 hours

Accumulated Hours: 34

Nicole told me about a patient she saw before I arrived who had fallen through a glass window hand/arm first. He sliced his middle finger open to the point where blood flow was stopped. In order to avoid amputation, the hand surgeon sewed his middle finger and pointer finger together to allow blood flow and the buildup of blood vessels in the middle finger. After three to four weeks, the fingers will be separated and a skin gram will be applied to the middle finger. For now, Nicole built a splint for the patient to wear constantly for three weeks to insure that the fingers do not become separated. After the separation, the patient will return to therapy to rehabilitate the fingers.

  Physiotherapy hand therapy section includes three hand surgeons: Dr. Innis, Dr. Murphy, and Dr. Higgins. All of their patients are referred to either Nicole, Ann, or Tracy for rehabilitation and splints. Hand therapy at Physiotherapy also receive patients referred from other surgeons and clinics. Surgeons are well informed of other helpful surgeons. For example, personally Dr. Innis referred me to another doctor in the are for my foot. If therapists were aware of the other therapists in the area, patients could receive the most effective treatment. Here at Physiotherapy, therapists refer patients to each other on each side of the  building as there is a hand clinic and a physical therapy center in the building. However, other facilities do not have both and in order to help patients completely through therapy, being aware of the hand clinic here for example could benefit patients looking for specific rehabilitation. The online forum has many benefits and may help therapy as a whole provide for patients looking for help in specific areas as it will inform the public on locations, clinics, and specific professionals.

  The woman I have been observing for a while now who fell down the stairs and injured her bottom thumb joint and palm has been experiencing swelling and discomfort. In order to avoid causing more pain or potentially endangering the injury, Nicole chose a simple program for the patient leaving out all her normal routine strengthening exercises. This program included stretching and stem with ice. When a patient has been experiencing discomfort, it is ideal to limit physical therapy until the injury is feeling better.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.