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4 January 2011

2:15-5:15pm   3 hours

Accumulated Hours: 79


      Nicole's patient hurt the bottom joint in her thumb when playing volleyball, so Nicole is helping to first discover/identify the problem and then help return the thumb to its original state. She used paraphenwith heat packs at first in order to target the entire joint with heat directly. The results helped throughout the rest of the session as the direct heat loosened the joint. After heat Nicole used ultra-sound to continue heating the joint while loosening up scar tissue. Nicole described the importance off the patient feeling nothing from the ultra-sound as heat waves reaching the bone and back not only do nothing for the tissue but also cause pain for the patient. The patient continued from there with exercises in rice and with putty in order to strengthen the joint however with small amounts so that she doesn't strain and hurt the thumb more.

    Nicole's next patient hurt his pinky catching a football. In order to treat an injury like this he must strengthen the entire region around the finger as the muslces, tendons, ligaments, etc. all work together. Pinky injuries are more troublesome then one may think as the pinky helps grasp everything and without it the entire hand and grasping capability is shortened dramatically. One is so used to having the extra finger that adds length that without the pinky it becomes difficult to grab anything. Losing a middle or ring finger however causes inconvenience however does not shorten the length of the hand as the mind is so used to and is something one can adapt to much faster.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.