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7 December 2010

1:30-5:30pm   4 hours

Accumulated Hours: 60


The patient who sliced his tendons while carving pumpkins came in today. He is slowly improving and has begun exercises that involve stretching not only the finger but also the wrist. He is still very restricted in activity outside of therapy that he is allowed to do however with exercise, stretching, and massaging the scar he is well on his way to full recovery.

Nicole's patient that I have seen yet came in today and I had a chance to listen to how he became injured and why it is important to him to recover. The patient is a police officer and spends his day sitting in a car at a slight angle of his arm in order to type on his laptop. He is experiencing pain throughout the forearm due to the position he is in all day long within the police car. Nicole described how this position is unatural in the first place and has seen injuries from other policemen for the same thing. Because he cannot wear his splint at work, Nicole must work around his limitations in order to get him fully recovered for his occupation. The splint he is currently in restricts movement throughout the wrist and has been prescribed for him to wear as much as possible in order to calm down activity and swelling within the injured area.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.