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7 February 2011

1:30-5:30pm   4 hours

Accumulated Hours: 99


Patient 1: Fractured middle joint in first metacarpal. Patient complains of pain within the top joint however the x-ray (as seen in todays session) shows no signs of injury in top joint. Therapy/injuries interefere with work as a trucker who aims to get back to shifting geers and working truck. Injured finger when pulling down a door and having the digit caught between two sheets of metal.

Patient 2: Works as a bartender and injured pinky. Far into recovery and goes about a normal routine using exercise tools in the facility. Is showing slight tightness and negative effect after difficulty in personal life with the snow.

Patient 3: Has a common disease seen in older gentlemen where the tissue pulls on the tendon in finger. Had his pointer finger operated on and is beginning heat and therapy. Is already showing great improvement.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.