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7 October 2010

1:30-3:30pm   3 hours

Accumulated Hours: 18


Today Nicole built a splint for the woman with a joint transfer in her finger. The patient is experiencing stiffness and almost complete lack of movement within the joint and finger overall. The splint is being designed to be used as a stretching and exercise tool. It straps around her wrist and top of hand for support. From there a piece is attached so that string can be looped around it in order to single out and forcingly stretch the finger independently at a 90degree angle. On top of the stretching exercise the patient was given putty to work with at home to increase motion and build strength. With putty, patients are told to limit their exercise as too much causes fatigue and pain in the end. when I was in therapy for my leg and body in general I noticed that fatigue, over working, and “no pain no gain” was a good thing. However, in hand therapy, a lot can go wrong, especially since most patients are coming from surgery. Fatigue and pain in fingers/hands only causes more problems and hands are used so commonly and often throughout daily life.
Today I didn’t learn very much more as the therapists were rushed and didn’t explain anything to me as they went along. I took away from today that my website/project will be very helpful as the three therapists constantly ask advice from each other and discuss their opinions on everything before building splints or even performing stretches or exercises on patients. With a site that provides intel from therapists all over who have experienced different things, the ability to perform the most significant therapy techniques will be available.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.