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9 December 2010

3:20-5:20pm   2 hours

Accumulated Hours: 62


Mary, the patient who shattered the joint in her finger and had three screws placed permanetly inside to stabalize the joint, was Nicole's first patient when I walked in. She started on a heat pack as always to loosen up the finger. After the finger was heated, Nicole massaged the scar to loosen up scar tissue and catching along the tendon. Then she used ultra sound along the joint. The patient ran through her usual exercise program which including exercises that bend and straighten the joint in order to gain full mobility again. She finished with ice to decrease swelling and decrease chances of soreness later on in the day.

Tracy took the patient who fell and hurt her finger that has been seeing both Nicole and her back and forth. The patient described her injury last time and after falling and experiencing severe swelling she is slowly on her way to recovery with the common exercise plan she has been on.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.