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Ron Spicer,

Thank you for the opportunity you provided me with by allowing me to shadow the physical and occupational therapists at Physiotherapy Associates. I learned a lot about the profession and all of my answers have been answered. I always wondered whether physical therapy was the right choice for me and the opportunity you set me up for through mentorship helped me narrow that down before college. I really appreciate it.



Thank you for helping be a life mentor for me. You have changed my entire life as I was your patient at Physiotherapy Associates years back. You were the one person who understand, was patient with me, and encouraged me through everything. It's really great to have someone who can give you positive feedback in many different areas and I really appreciate all you have done.



Thank you for letting me shadow you this year through the mentorship program. Your advice on both therapy as a professional and therapy as a degree have helped me get a headstart on my life. You are a great therapist and I aspire to help others as you do with those who come into Phsyiotherapy Associates.



I learned so much this year through shadowing you the second half of my senior year. It was interesting to watch the work of several different CHT's along with having had experience with each of them. Thank you for the opportunity and for everything you have taught me this year.



Although I did not get the chance to work with you very often under my mentorship program I appreciate the help you gave me through both shadowing and as my orginal therapist when I had surgery a few years ago. I can honestly say you have changed my entire life around and I am so appreciative of everything you did for me. Thank you.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.