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Project Defense/Proposal


Project Goals: Discover the possible effectiveness and legitimacy of an online database created in order to provide information from and for Physical and Occupational therapists where professionals could collaborate on rehabilitation methods in an attempt to better therapy on common, experienced cases. This idea, if successful, could redefine programs of physical/occupational therapy given out to the public by professionals in a way that eliminates and decreases chance of prescribing unsuccessful rehabilitation methods based on experience and intelligence from professionals globally.


Methods: As creating a forum is outside the boundaries of the implications of the class, data has been gathered from other therapy forums/sites and also from professionals strictly from an anecdotal standpoint.


Document/Present: Project along with methods, data, etc. have been documented and released in both the final paper along with the virtual abstract.


Difference with Thesis: Thesis describes that data will be gathered based on popularity and usage of an online forum created from scratch and advertised personally to therapy clinics within the area. Due to a variety between technical issues, legal contradictions, and shortage on time however data for whether or not an online forum is successful was instead gathered from previous sites similar to this idea along with quotes from professionals on their opinions and experiences of such a site. The intentions from the thesis to the project however remained the same.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.