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Mentorship Structure Outline

I.   Title Page

     A.    Public Online Forum (Physical/Occupational Therapy)

     B.     Rebecca Rouse, Glenelg High School, GT Mentorship/Internship Ashcraft

     C.     Nicole Bickhart, Physiotherapy Association Clarksville, MD

II.  Abstract

      A.    This public online forum allows professional to coordinate and correlate with one another on the most effective methods of rehabilitation for patients and cases viewed in Physical Therapy clinics and will help further the success and effectiveness of rehabilitation as a whole on both professionals and patients.

     B.     As creating a forum is outside the boundaries of the implications of the class data has been gathered from professionals strictly from an anecdotal standpoint and has proven through these quotes that….

     C.     This idea, if successful, could redefine programs of physical therapy given out to the public by professionals in a way that eliminates and decreases chance of prescribing unsuccessful rehabilitation methods based on experience and intel from professionals everywhere.

III. Table of Contents

IV.  Introduction (Coming—written after body of paper)

V.   Methods

      A.    Quotes from professionals

      B.     One with the right tools can set up the actual forum by creating sections of the body on the page that lead to smaller branches and eventually list different cases that information can be added to and edited by professionals. The site would have to be strictly for therapists where not just anybody could add their intel.

     C.     The structure would then be replicated based on the software used to cover the technological standpoints of the forum.

VI. Results

     A.    Quotes from professionals as anecdotal data/evidence

VII.Discussion—summarize important events

     A.    Professionals opinions

     B.     Forum could create a program that outlines the most effective means of rehabilitation

    C.     Previous common projects and their success levels

VIII. Conclusion

    A.    From observation, having a method of correlating information between facilities rather than  just between professionals within one facility may create a program of therapy that is both time manageable and effective.

    B.     Remember professionals gain their knowledge based on personal experience and findings, when shared and compared with other professionals with different backgrounds it may define the most effective source of rehabilitation for specific and common cases.

IX. Recommendations

    A.    A student in future years may use this idea to carry out the actual forum with technological help using first the anecdotal points in the paper than furthering data with actual results.

    B.     May expand project idea by reaching out to patients and their opinions on experiences at different facilities under different professionals.

X. Acknowledgements

    A.    Nicole Bickhart OT and CHT—primary mentor

    B.     Ron Spicer OT and Coordinator—helped provide me with mentorship

    C.     Anne PT and CHT, and Tracy OT and CHT—other CHT’s shadowed

    D.    Megan PT—introduced idea of physical therapy and began mentorship

    E.     Mr. Ashcraft

XI. References—32 Annotated Bibliographies

XII. Appendices—quotes 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.