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Reyna, Ryan, et al. From Timeout to Hard Time. N. pag. University of Texas,
2009. Web. 3 Nov. 2009. <www.utexas.edu... From%20Time%20Out%20to%20Hard%20Time-revised%20final.pdf>.


Anthony Arnette


Pd: 2

Bibliography: Novel of Juvenile


            This novel/data was produced by Special Project Report and Lyndon B. Johnson, School of Public Affairs. This is an example of what lawyers have to read and interpret. This information is used in court for defense or prosecuting. 


            This series of data is about a young almost teen child, Christopher Pittman, who as a 12-year old boy had killed his grandparents. He had been tried as an adult and been given a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years
without possibility of parole. The conviction and sentence had been upheld by the South Carolina Supreme Court and the Clinic sought certiorari review, unsuccessfully, from the United States Supreme Court. -according to novel


           This case is to help with the development of the juvenile justice system. This world today is very tough, meaning that there is crime and death everyday.





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.