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McManus, Kathy. Freeing an Innocent Man?. May 26, 2008. www.responsibilityproject.com....  Web. December 1, 2009.


Anthony Arnette


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Bibliography: Freeing an Innocent Man


If you had critical information that could free an innocent man from prison, would you reveal it to a judge, even if doing so was illegal?


            In this article, a lawyer, Staples Hughes, admitted to the congregation and to a judge the true results of a case back in the 1980’s. Twenty-two years ago, Hughes client admitted to Hughes that he was guilty of the crime that another man was going to be accused for. Under the confidentiality rule lawyers must abide by, Hughes waited to tell his deepest secret that forced an innocent man to serve in jail for a double homicide that he didn’t commit.


            This man’s life has been ruined and his family has been torn with his absence. Hughes although is the hero for trying, he still is wrong for not telling. This shows how corrupt our world is and what it is turning into.


Tell us what you think: Do you agree that a dead man’s confidence should outweigh a potentially innocent man’s chance for freedom? What would you do if the law said doing the right thing was actually the wrong thing? –Poll from website

Some comments:


Totally 100% agreed.

D.S | 1 year, 4 months ago

They Break the Law

Laws were made to be broken. It’s clearly up to that judge at that time. Another judge may not see it that way. I am a firm believer that the truth will set you free, maybe not today, but some day!

L.C. | 1 year, 3 months ago


Let's Face It

We ALL know that the law is flawed. We also know that there are ways around just about any law out there. I would have found a way to anonymously get the information out. And who are these “experts” that say the truth and justice should not be served in lieu of confidentiality??? That’s just asinine.

This judge needs to be reported for disciplinary action. He needs to be stripped of his title because being able to look the truth in the eye and turn the other cheek clearly means he is incompetent to do his job by accurately and fairly judging the truth and upholding justice.

The guilty culprit is dead and there can be no harm to come out of the situation at this point so why not admit the evidence?

Mia | 1 year, 6 months ago


Wife of Wrongly Imprisoned Man

The justice system is so corrupt, even in Alaska, where my husband is being held in prison innocent while the guy that started a fight with him is out free and acting like a helpless soul and the DA is so cold-hearted and the judge that my husband and I can’t even have contact. It’s so corrupt, our children are being robbed of talking, to their father. I hope the court people make their decision soon to free him as the Holidays are fast approaching. That innocent person they’re holding in prison is so morally wrong, they will have to answer to God someday.


Mrs. king | 2 weeks, 1 day ago



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