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"LA Police - 72-year-old responsible for 30 rapes and killings." Criminal
     Profiling. N.p., 1 May 2009. Web. 2 June 2010.


Anthony Arnette


Pd: 2

Bibliography: Not to Old For Crime


            Forensic science and criminal law go hand to hand. A seventy-two year old man as of now is being held in county jail due to DNA matches involving five murders that ranged from 1970-1980. The Los Angeles believes that in this decade, this mass murderer, John Thomas, has raped and killed up to thirty women. This man is known to be the "West Side rapist," according to sources.


            "When all is said and done, Mr Thomas stands to be Los Angeles' most prolific serial killer," Richard Bengston of the LAPD told the Los Angeles Times.


            Today technology is very advanced and therefore investigations in criminal cases are more than often solved. Just like the show “NCIS,” they have a forensic scientist named Abby. She collects DNA, hair samples, skin follicles, blood, and any other resources such as finger prints to link someone to the crime that they unfortunately committed.


            A comment from a cautious reader, “Don't understand why it takes so long for law enforcement to catch these men. Seems so easy to me. become the criminal - they are incapable of getting into the mind of these men. I don't even have a degree, i'm just a victim but I can do it, why can't they???”

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.