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Anthony Arnette


Pd: 2

Bibliography: Trial of Hank Roberts (1991)


            A normal everyday man, Henry (Hank) Myron Roberts, was convicted of a 2nd degree murder of his younger nephew, Henry Robert Harrison. All the evidence found pointed to Hank. For example, the gun belonged to Hank and the gun was found a half mile from his house.

            Through a long trial, Hank was then convicted and announced to serve 50 long years in jail. A decade later a man of the name, Robert Tomczewski, was found guilty of the murder of Hank’s nephew, Henry Robert Harrison, and the attempted murder of Hank himself. He was tried and given only 10 years in jail for the two crimes.

            In an attempt to free Hank from jail was too late, as Hank passed on in 1996 in jail. Answer this question: Why did Hank receive 50 years for the murder of his nephew, when Robert only received 10 years for the actual murder of the nephew and the attempted murder of Hank?

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.