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O'Connor, Sandra Day. "The Problem: A Broken System." The Justice Project. N.p.,
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Anthony Arnette


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            This website confirms knowledge of such things as the death penalty. This website tells distinctive facts about everyday cases that go on everyday in the world. The death penalty was reinstalled in the 70’s (1970). According to this site:


  1. 30 people have been exonerated from death row in 26 states – roughly one for every nine executed


  1. 7 of almost every 10 death sentences handed down by state courts from 1973-1995 were overturned due to “serious, reversible error,” including egregiously useless defense counsel, suppression of exculpatory evidence, eyewitness misidentification, false confessions, snitch and accomplice testimony, and unreliable forensic science


  1. Goals to stop false convictions:


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