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Anthony Arnette

12/7/09 – 12/11/09

Pd: 2

Hours worked: 8

Total Hours Worked: 75

Week 14 Journal


            This week was the most productive week of work. I was able to shadow my advisor, Mackenzie Kantruss in court. He was defending a guilty convict who committed fraud and pretending to be a contractor without a license. Mr. Kantruss worked out a plea bargain which allowed the convict not to go to jail, but he has to pay back all the money he took away from those families.


            I have also found a lot of new sites and statistics that I can use in my upcoming project. My project is turning out to be a success and I am very proud at the moment. Also when I went to Circuit Court with my advisor, I witnessed multiple events such as:

            1. Someone was arrested in court

            2. Convicts were brought from local jails to be tried

            3. How the courts work and all the preparation that a lawyer has to do

            4. How a judge rule depending on how good of a job both lawyers                     do and the evidence presented in the court

            5. The arguments both lawyers make to prove their points.


            Finally, next week I will be able to research more topics and relate them to my overall project.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.