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Anthony Arnette

1/11/10 – 1/15/10

Pd: 2

Hours Worked: 5

Total Hours Worked: 84

Week 16 Journal


            This week was a fast paced week. I was informed that I was working against the clock as my teacher, Mr. Ashcraft, informed me by January 20, 2010, I had to be done with the following:


  1. Thesis Statement
  2. SLC Proposal Form
  3. Purchase of a Tri-fold Board
  4. Research Proposal Form
  5. At least 20 Annotation.


The reasoning for completing these five tasks was for the completion of our Midterm exam. Next week, in every class, us students have to complete a midterm exam. This indicates that we are entering the mid-year mark. My research will have to be documented and all my data needs to be collected. I need to work a little harder and more diligently in order to complete every thing prior to its due date. Next week, I will have all these tasks listed above before Wednesday, and thus marking a good grade for my midterm.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.