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Anthony Arnette



Hours Worked Week 4: 7

Total Hours: 26

Week 4 Journal


            I had my busiest week yet. I believe that I have a secure advisor to help me out with my project. Mr. Philip Nichols has asked one of the Howard County’s Public Defenders to help me out this year, and he accepted. I have not been contacted by this Public Defender yet, but Mr. Nichols has told me to be patient and that the person will contact me within the next week. Mr. Nichols is being very helpful to me as he has given me a little book of background information on law, and has given me information from his own knowledge.

            While completing background information, I discovered two websites that have been very useful and helpful to me. The two sites were:  http://www.innocenceproject.org/Content/290.php


The first website gave me a list of over a hundred people who have been convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. It gives such information as there names, the date convicted and exonerated, what they were accused of, and if they were compensated. I only looked at the three guys from Maryland because that is my focus point. One of the guys, Kirk Bloodsworth, is now a motivational speaker. He travels around the world to speak of his tragic flaw and to help prevent others from getting into his situation. I emailed him on Tuesday and I have yet to receive anything back from him.

            Mr. Ashcraft and I called Mackenzie Kantruss yesterday. We left a voicemail because he was not in at the time. I believe he will be a great source to me in the future, so I hope he can assist me this year. He works as a Defense Attorney in Mount Airy, MD.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.