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Anthony Arnette


Pd: 2

Hours Worked: 5

Total Hours: 35

Week 6 Journal


            This was a week of mainly background research. I completed three annotated bibliographies and found multiple sites that would excel my knowledge of my topic. I also was informed by my teacher, Mr. Ashcraft, that a defense lawyer named Mackenzie Kantruss (we called back in week 4) has replied to my message. Due to different schedules, I haven’t been able to reach him yet through phone. I will call him at the beginning of the week on Monday to follow up. He will most likely become my new advisor for the year.


            With my background information, I have gotten real facts from the mouths of the convicted. I have gotten a number of quotes and sources that I could possibly use in my project in the future. I feel like I am on board with my project so far, and I hope to have a secured advisor by next week.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.