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Anthony Arnette


Pd: 2

Hours Worked: 4

Total Hours: 39

Week 7 Journal


            This week has been a very productive week even though it was shortened by PSAT’s and no school tomorrow on the 16th of October. I have completed two of my three goals this week and by Monday I will have all three done. I have called Mr. Mackenzie Kantruss, and he has agreed to meet with me after school Monday for an informational interview. I will ask him a set of questions related to my topic and I will then present him with my project focus. I also completed multiple annotated bibs and have included multiple pictures for my viewers to look at. They all include brief but detailed captions that will help you understand everything. Next week, I will have an advisor and a research proposal. Those are my goals that I hope to meet.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.