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My name is Margo Johnson, and I am a senior at Atholton High School --

and a soon-to-be freshman at Carnegie Mellon University!  


I have always loved math and have had an interest in Computer Science for a while, as my parents both work with computers.  I hope to major in some type of Engineering in college (although I am undecided about what specific type of Engineering I would like to pursue). 


I also have an interest in the arts --


During the Summer, I work at Merriweather Post Pavilion, a nearby popular music venue, and I am currently Secretary of the Howard County Film Festival Committee (where we help to organize the annual HoCo Film Fest, a student-run festival).  I also love English and creative writing -- if I had the time, I would write an incredible amount of novels, short stories, poems, and even screenplays.


The Intern/Mentor program at Atholton has proved to be an incredible opportunity.  I have been learning so much and am definitely getting a feel for the professional field of engineering.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.