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Mark Katz. "Making America More Musical Through the Phonograph, 1900-1930." American Music Winter 1998: 448-475. SIRS Renaissance. Web. 08 October 2009.




Accessed 9/22/09



            This article talks about how the phonograph changed America’s perception of music and how it made America an all over more musical country. The phonograph added a sense of richness and wealth to the American home life. More people were exposed to “good” music, and were more interested in it. More kids were playing instruments. Music of different styles from opera to jazz was being played. Normally to hear these kinds of music you would need to go to an opera house or an actual venue, which was beyond the reach of most Americans.


            This is good for my project because I need to know what the effect of music was on different people. This article tells me exactly that.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.