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Gifted and Talented Intern-Mentor Program


Student Project Proposal Format


Part I


            •  What specific area(s) within the field will be investigated, researched and/or studied?


Recording technology and the evolutions it has gone through as well as studying its effect on music itself.


            •  How will knowledge or ability in the field be acquired, developed, and demonstrated through the year?


I will obtain information from online, written, and interviews with my advisor. I will present this information in bibliographies and ultimately my final paper.


            •  What will be the product(s) and/or outcome(s) of the internship?


I will expand my current knowledge of music, recording technology, and history. A paper will also present all my work as well as any revelations that occur to me.


            •  What proven need will be addressed?  What real problem will be solved?  What question will be researched?


The question I will research is how music recording and distribution affected music itself and what people think of music.


            •  What is the intended audience for the project?  Who, other than the                       student, will learn or benefit as a result of the work?  To whom will the outcomes be        communicated? For whom is the product or result intended? 


My advisor has told me that my project is an interesting endeavor and he is interested in the outcome. I also know of one other student who is also researching music recording technology from a different standpoint.


            •  Will the audience be local, state or national?   Note:  The mentor, the student, and the  program coordinator should not be the only audience.


The audience will most likely be local, but with the internet and my portfolio, it may very well become national.


            •  How will the product and outcomes be communicated to or performed for the selected  audience?  What will be the outlet vehicle? 


A presentation board will be shown and my paper will be read by my teacher and anyone else who looks at my portfolio online.



•  What resources will be required for the project? (human, print, organizations, media)


An advisor to help guide me and check on my progress and a portfolio to put all my work into.


            •  What are the special considerations of the project? (cost, materials, equipment,      transportation, special permission, printing/distribution)


There are none that I can see right now and I don’t see any potential costs.


Part II


            •  What is the tentative schedule and timeline for completing the project?  What major goals                        will be accomplished during each marking period?


1st Quarter: Find, contact, and plan with an advisor

                   Obtain background knowledge in my field of interest

                   Begin plans for project

2nd Quarter: Begin paper (Thesis)

                    Continue background research and annotate sources

3rd Quarter: Work on paper

                    Begin board

                    Continue gathering annotations

4th Quarter:  Present findings

                     Submit paper


            Note:  While writing the project proposal, consult the Intern/Mentor Program Calendar of                                    Events for important dates:

                       Senior projects must be completed and evaluated no later than May 1.

                       Junior projects must be completed and evaluated no later than the last day of classes (before the final exams).



Please sign and attach this document to the typed Project Proposal. Thank you.




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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.