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Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card 1985

Gold Standard "Classic" by Sequel Justification


0% Ender has his chip taken out, kills the bully; meet Peter and Valentine  
10% I.F. man arrives at Ender's door to invite him to Battle School  
20% Ender takes control of the Bernard situation, by learning how to send anonymous messages/messages from other students with the desks  
25% Ender befriends Alai; Ender is transferred to Salamander Army under Bonzo Madrid Door; the literal door into the next stage of training
30% Ender asks Petra to help him practice, which she does  
40% Peter's face appears in Ender's Fairyland game and he faces the fact that he's a killer; Valentine and Peter become Demosthenes and Locke Ender literally faces his protagonist's mirror in a mirror
50% Valentine convinces Ender to continue with a letter; Ender receives his own army: Dragon Midpoint
60% Ender watches videos of the wars and draws the conclusion that the buggers are perfectly fit where humans were only lucky; two battles in the same day and they "cheat" to win, but not destroy their enemy Protagonist gets weaker; antagonist gets stronger
70% Ender kills Bonzo; Ender is transferred to Command School; Bean accepts Dragon army; Ender is insubordinate. Hidden Need is not solved: Ender resists


Ender talks directly to Valentine on Earth.  This is where he articulates who he is compared to Peter, what he is doing, the philosophical dilemma of the book. Hidden Need is solved: Ender states what is inevitable and what he will do because he must
80% Ender lands on Eros and adapts to what he later figures out is a deep space bugger post Hidden Need demonstrated to be solved: Ender continues his training to reach that aforementioned objective
90% Ender destroys the bugger home world  
100% Ender's actions cause political reprecussions and his guilt; he leaves with Valentine on a ship to colonize the galaxy  
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.