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Interview with a Vampire

Ann Rice 1994

Gold Template "Classic" by Sequel Requirement



Meet Louis  
    Inciting incident when Louis meets Lestat at about 5%
10% Getting used to Lestat's taste and his father  
20% Pleading with Babette; she curses him  
25% Claudia is turned into a vampire Door
30% Claudia starts to separate herself from Louis and even more from Lestat  
40% Claudia poisons Lestat Midpoint
50% They meet eastern vampires Hint of hidden need
60% Claudia shows how unhappy she is in her child form Hidden need not solved
70% They meet the actors for the first time; Armand warns Louis not to explain their origin Hidden need solved
75% Madeleine is turned into a vampire Hidden need demonstration solved
80% Claudia seems happy like a fairy princess with Madeleine
    Slide at about 85% when Claudia dies
90% Louis destroys the theatre
100% Louis sees Lestat is going crazy; Armand leaves; present day Louis Resolution
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.