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Gone with the Wind

Margaret Mitchell 1936

Gold Standard "Classic" by Replication Justification


0% All characters are introduced  
10% Mr. O'Hara and Mrs. Tarleton talk about breeding strength: horses and people.  Wilkes are all weak.  
20% Melanie defends Scarlett's character after scandal (did she ever actually love Charlie); Rhett sends back Melanie and Scarlett's rings  
25% Gettysberg; Charlie is dead; Ashley is captured  
30% Atlanta is preparing for seige; Rhett stays to rescue Scarlett; Rhett tells her he's waiting for her to grow up and out of her fancy for Ashley before he kisses her  
40% Scarlett comes home and assesses the damage to Tara; learns her mother is dead; learns her father is truly mad  
50% Ashley comes home to Tara after being released by the Yankees  
60% Rhett is released from jail and comes to visit Scarlett (loans money for the mills) who has at this point solved her previous dilemma by marrying Frank Kennedy  
70% Scarlett manipulates Ashley into working at her mill; it becomes pitifully obvious to everyone but Scarlett how weak a person he is  
75% Scarlett is attacked in Shantytown  
80% Scarlett confesses to Rhett all her guilts, that Rhett explains as the worries of a thief who "isn't sorry in the least for the things he did, but is terribly terribly sorry he's going to jail"; Rhett proposes to Scarlett  
90% Rhett is drunk and confronts Scarlett after Ashley's party, and says that he will do what he likes and she will not, because he's the man and she is not  
100% Melanie dies and Scarlett has her resolution; Rhett is gone  
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.