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Evaluation of The Story Template Credibility as a Design Tool

to be Referenced Concurrently in Story Creation Process


The previously mentioned experiment evaluates The Story Template for use as a post-creation story analysis tool, potentially increasing efficiency in the novel/screenplay writing professions.  In addition to this experiment, a second component of research will be conducted to evaluate yet another potential application of The Story Template.


The product of this research will be a scene-by-scene outline of a story that could and may be developed into a full-length novel.  It explores the helpfulness of The Story Template for its intended audience: writers.  The Story Template claims that writers, especially those new to the profession, will become more efficient when developing story, because The Story Template provides thorough but artistically fluid guidance when describing aspects existing in all "good" stories across genres.  ("Good" stories are called "classic" stories identified in agreement by both the "GOLD STANDARD" and The Story Template in the above experiment.)


A formal test of the claim that The Story Template is a credible and efficiency-increasing guide for writers would provide results too subjective to be analyzed with reassurance.  Therefore, this application will be explored as a background study for personal understanding, complete with as much documentation as possible, but lacking the claim of scientific indication. 


The product of this aspect of the study will not be published in any form this year, though progress will be described vaguely in the weekly journal entry section.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.