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The Application of the Scientific Method in

the Study of Modern Story Structure


Emily Schultheis


Glenelg High School

Gifted/Talented Program

Independent Research and Intern/Mentorship

2007 - 2011

This study was completed through the Howard County Maryland

Gifted/Talented Intern/Mentorship program.


"The G/T Intern/Mentor Program is a college-level course in which students design an original research study or creative production.  Students study off-campus with a professional mentor in a self-selected area of interest.  Student research or creative production focuses on contributing new knowledge to the field of study.  The G/T resource teacher facilitates classroom and internship experiences, focusing on advanced-level research methodologies and college-level writing and oral presentation skills.  At the mentor site, students apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in an authentic, professional environment." (http://glenelggt.com/mindex.htm)





Researcher: Emily Schultheis and Mentor: Dr. Amy Chai MD, MS

Researcher: Emily Schultheis and Team Members: AstroBot Project NASA GSFC


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.