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Nick Hoyt


Week #7


3 hour long classes and 5 hours out of school

Total:  38 hours


This week I was actually able to go to Washington D.C.  to the national park on Sunday.  At the National park there was the Solar Decathlon which is a bunch of houses that are built with solar energy to run on there own.  At the solar decathlon I was able to see a bunch of different solar panel systems and solar houses.  This week was a shorter week because we had the PSAT on Wednesday and we had no school on Friday.  With the shorter week I was still able to get in contact with a few more people that I hope to talk about being my advisor for this year.  I was not able to get all my goals for this week done but I am getting close and I am on my way to having my advisor.  I am hoping that by next week I will have my advisor and I will be able to have my project more focused. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.